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These Musicians are Awesome, and here’s why

Below are videos clips I edited together to showcase what makes these musicians so special. The musicians I’ve interviewed tend to fall into three groups: extraordinary players, legendary studio musicians, and a few impressive young talents. Below is a playlist of 25 of them.

Songs that deserved a music video

This is a playlist of songs that might not be widely known, but deserve a music video — it’s more rock, soul and blues oriented. It is actually a fool’s errand, most of the songs have been on YouTube for years, and the search algorithm doesn’t factor in the visual uniqueness of videos. As a result these are essentially invisible in the search results. It’s simply a guilty pleasure, and hopefully a few true music lovers will stumble upon them. Below is the playlist

Colorized and enhanced classic blues and gospel

Below is a playlist of songs of a few of my favorites I colorized

Ronny Jordan Interview

There are actually few other extended interviews with Ronny Jordan, and because this is such an in depth interview which took place less than a year before his passing, I decided it was time to post it on YouTube so his fans could actually hear him tell his musical life story. It was a lot of work, and I had to redo it because of a copyright block on some of the visual background.

John Scofield with the Allman Brothers & interview segment

This is another interview I decided to share on YouTube. I was looking through some of my old video files and saw that I had captured a live stream of Scofield with the Allman Brothers playing “In Memory of Elizabeth Reed.” So I upscaled and enhanced it, and because I spoke to Scofield just a few days after this concert and asked him about it, I thought it would be interesting to include that part of the interview at the end.

Herbie Hancock, Susan Tedeschi and Derek Trucks

This was another gem I recently found going through my video files. It too is upscaled and enhanced.

Seal & Crofts Live at California Jam

In April, 1974 Seals & Crofts performed at the mega CALIFORNIA JAM in front of hundreds of thousands live, hundreds of thousands more via FM radio, and million on television. I upscaled and enhanced the original TV video and replaced the original TV sound with the FM radio audio for this clip, but huge credit to the Californiajamfanclub for uploading the original clip.

There’s plenty more if you happen to share my musical tastes, here’s a link to my YouTube channel.

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