Devon Allman Interview & Note


Singer/Songwriter/Guitarist Devon Allman is fresh off a tour of Australia with his Grammy nominated band, Royal Southern Brotherhood, and he’s also just released his first album under his own name. During the interview you’ll hear samples from the album which, in my opinion, are honest, well crafted and well executed. He combines rock energy with mature themes, and demonstrates a gift for melody and a way with words.

With such a pedigree comparisons are always drawn by some, but with this album Devon proves he is a musical force be with reckoned with on his own terms

I caught Devon as he was literally on the road and the interview might give you the feeling that you’re along for the ride.



Live Aid Concert which happened when Devon was 13, we spoke about this during the interview.  NOTE: this LIVE AID is a playlist, after you hit play, you can skip through the concert to see different groups — use the button right after the play button.

The great Curtis Mayfied playing Devon’s favorite song, Move On Up

The great Dizzy Gillespie with whom Ron Holloway played

Boz Scaggs mentioned by Devon during the interview


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